The talkBACK automatically turns on 2 different microphone lines while the DAW is in STOP.

You may connect 2 preamped microphones in the recording room to establish talkback facilities. The unit has 2 independent passive switching line, so it could also be used to switch on an talkback
microphone in the control room.
Whenever the DAW is in STOP, the microphone line will be switched ON and the talkback signal passes through a gold plated relais. Simple as that.

When the DAW goes into PLAY, the talkback will be muted. The talkBACK device will be connected via MIDI to detect wether the DAW is in STOP or PLAYBACK.

The talkBACK could also be put at the insert of an analog console, we also sell TT to XLR connector
cables to have a fast setup.

* Fully passive signal path
* Neutrik XLR connectors
* gold contact relais
* unit ships with 9V DC power supply

PRICE: 179 € plus 19% VAT (no VAT if in Europe with equal VAT#)