Thank your for visiting our Website.

ThirdFloorLab is a division of morphon, Studiotechnik.

Since years, we built custom tools for professional studios and engineers.
Some of the products date back at least a couple of years. Having these things
in various forms of appearance (internal, external) we decided to built these into a
product line.
To manufacture a larger badge helpes us also to keep the costs down and make
the tools affordable for everybody.

We try to ship as fast as we could manufacture, so the product pages with PayPal
Buttons activated are actualy InStock and shipping as soon as we recieve the payment.

If a product is just sold out, we put a message on the site that we are waiting for another
batch. In that case just send us an EMail and we inform you when it's back in stock.

With the ThirdFloorLab product line, we are proud to offer you our line of tools, developed
closely together with our professional clients.


...your TFL Team